Writing  online I am always trying to be careful of what I say.  I have had other blogs and online interactions with various people.  I never really know who is at the other end of the wire.  I could be giving out way too much, or very sensitive information. And as much as we don’t want to belive it, our words are still out there long after our fingers have left our keyboards.

The same is true for email.  I have had several occasions where I honestly couldn’t remember agreeing to chaperone the kids zoo trips or bake for the charity drive. But there it was in black and white.  It can also be more serious.

Just recently a co-worker asked me to do something I wasnt comfortable with.  Apparently he underestimated my integrity,  or over estimated his position in the company.  Either way he was trying to get out of a mistake he had made and in the process  tried to get me to take the fall for it.  I covered myself. I told him I was confused as to what he wanted and to email it to me.

Well like I said he underestimated me.  He emailed exactly what I needed to do.  And even responded with clarifying instructions when I asked him to verify the illegal parts.

I  mean really, how stupid does he think I am?  When the investigation gets underway I have all the protection I need.   It’s right there in black and white and digital.

 Be careful what you say.  You cant un-ring the bell and you can’t ever erase all digital traces…