I recently put up a fly strip. Totally tacky, (visually and literally) but its necessary.  I know,  as a Buddhist I belive everything has a right to its own life. Even flies. And belive it or not I hate putting it up. Like I said its necessary. All summer there were no bugs to be found.  None.  Leading me to wonder what life form could flourish here if the insects didn’t even dare. 

But now that the weather has turned, and the rain comes in torrential waves, everything thrives. Bugs, rats, I even saw feline footprints in my office.  Where on earth were these things living when it was a bazillion degrees out?  But along with the local fauna comes local disease. Things I would never want to get, nor  bring home to my kids.  We established early on there is no five second rule in the dust.  And my fellow service members have been known to  eat nearly anything possible, especially if you bet them they can’t.  So for us to say no five second rule  you’d better listen.

Now if I can just get them to wash their hands…   hand sanitizer anyone?