Our attachments  cause us suffering.  I am really attached to my new car so when i gets totalled i suffer.  I am attached to my boyfriend so when he breaks up with me i suffer. I am super attached to this image i have of myself, so in order to maintain it i suffer in the gym.  Sound about right?

   That isn’t to say all attachments are bad. An adopted child needs to develop attachments to her new parents.  If we were never attached to our boyfriends/ girlfriends we never would get married and have kids wich we are deeply attached to (hopefully.)

   But how do we break free of the unnecessary attachments that cause us suffering?  I live in Camp Nowhere. It’s not my ideal location. I am one step above camping. My tent is dry, i sometimes get a hot shower, and i manage to eat at least once a day.  If given the choice i would rather be almost anywhere but here. Or so i thought.

   I am moving to another camp.  The thought of moving to “Camp Anywhere But Here” sent waves of panic and dismay through me. I am comfortable where i am. I have my own space, it’s quiet and i know everyone in my tent. I have routines and i know what to expect on a daily basis. I don’t need to move. Send someone else…. I’m attached. 


   Why would i be attached to such a dreadful place? The reality is  i don’t get a hot shower every day,  everything i own is covered in sand. I don’t have very many friends here. And i work more hours that not because there isn’t anything else to do.

   And Camp Anywhere But Here  is probably just like Camp Nowhere.  And i certainly wont get home to my family any faster by staying in Camp Nowhere. In fact time might seem to go by faster in Camp Anywhere But Here. But i still don’t want to move. And i can’t figure out why i’m attached. If i can figure that out maybe i can break the attachment.  And enjoy the change.