When I decided on writing this I though I could “chronicle my journey”, more accurately get things off my chest.   I am: a woman in the military;  forward deployed in a war zone; a Buddhist in a mostly Christian society, in a predominately Muslim country. I have a lot to talk about. But no one to talk to.  

Which is why I felt ‘A Lotus in the Dust’ was a fitting title… But searching for themes I spotted this one, and of course I love it.  It’s relaxing, simple, and reminds me of somewhere far from here. But looking at it I wonder if  ‘Under the Bodhi Tree’ isn’t a more fitting title. 

I think for now I’m going to stick with ‘A Lotus in the Dust’ it seems to hit all the wickets, as my friends sometimes say.  It reminds me that despite the barren landscape in which I find myself, both literal and figurative, I can continue to grow through it.