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I have an anger issue. It’s not that I blow up and scream and curse.  It’s not that I beat my family for the fun of it.  It’s that so many things make me angry.  So many stupid small things.  Take today for example.  I found out that a policy I put in place for one of my work areas was done away with by someone who does not have the authority to change anything at my work site.   I was outraged.  Even before I heard the whole story.  It’s probably not even true.  All I got was hearsay.  It’s so not worth my energy to be angry over it.  But I was.

I don’t understand. I used to have so much patience.  But somehow I have lost the ability to stop, take a breath, and count to ten.  And once I am angry,  even if  I don’t want to be,  it will color the rest of my day.  And other small things will make me even angrier.

But right now I am so angry  that I don’t even want to talk.