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Ugh I hate rumors. Dont get me wrong,  there still is that teenage girl inside who loves to hear who is dating, who is fighting. You know its gossip, it doesnt have to be mean spirited, you listen, and you giggle and you go about your day. But what I hate is a totally made up worthelss rumor that is intended to hurt someone. 

 Malicious misinformation. 

Someone recently told my husband a baseless rumor about our return date.  This person literally made this up on the spot, and then added in some unit names and tried to make it sound official but very hush hush.  Things like this are so dangerous because of the emotional torment that they bring. None of us want to be here.  Not really.  And for the families back home it is harder.  They have to go about their day missing a huge chunk of their lives, trying to pretend that piece isn’t missing.  And all the uncertainty that goes with it.  For us to not come back is a very real possibility.

Then we spend our precious little time we do get to talk with our families trying to calm and reassure our spouses, and restore (a bit of ) order  to our families from thousands of miles a way. It’s difficult.  And I would rather be talking with my husband about christmas presents, or the kids school pictures,  or anything that makes me feel connected to them.

Spouses cary such a huge load when we are deployed.  Having people back home, flaunt rumors to make themselves seem more important, (or whatever reason they do it) makes it harder for everyone.

One person, within a span of five minutes, can upset so many lives  for days.