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So it took me a day to cool off.  And a few days to feel like sharing again. No worries. We all have bad days right? Lately I’m seriously trying to bury myself in my work. Time flies so fast when you’re busy. And I have several milestones to look forward to. Christmas, New Years, the January pay raise…March first.

Out here, every day turns into a ‘milestone’.  That is if you can remember what day it is. Seriously, this place is a black (brown) hole… a desert Bermuda triangle.  The only way I know what day it is, is by the reports I have to turn in.  I probably would spend all my time at work if  I thought that I could get more done in the extra time.  I already told you how obsessive I am.  Is it a shock to know I’m a workaholic as well?  

One good bit of news. There is a new Buddhist group forming where I am.  We will see how it goes.